Ferrari, Revlon Certainly Red lipstick, kabuki makeup, cochineal dye, red peppers, Marilyn Monroe. (more…)

    Commission Accomplished!

    Sharing the news!  Last year I did four works for the Cottage Hospital Board Room, as part of their art program.  Last month, The Art Commission, published a blog featuring one of the works.  Included is an interview with Leah Goodwin of Aesthetics, Inc., regarding the process.  Please click here to read the blog.


       bleu . #1

      1.  a color whose hue is that of the clear sky

      2.  that portion of the color spectrum lying between green and violet

      3.  a pigment or dye that colors blue

      4.  the far distance

      5. Pablo Picasso 1901-1904

      6.  cobalt /  indigo /  navy / sapphire / beautiful


      bleu . #1 – detail

        The Pope, The Vatican, and A Purple Beret

        With all the current news centered on Rome, here is my short story about the Sistine Chapel.

        In 2011 I was an Artist in Residence in Italy.  I was teaching an artbook class and decided the subject of my book, for demonstration purposes, would be the Adventures of My Purple Beret.  I am a knitter, so did a lovely knitted purple beret before leaving for Italy.  (more…)

          Green With Envy?

          Introducing EDdy.  Recycled steel, recycled copper wire, and found driftwood

          “Going Green” is just smart.  My choice of artistic materials has been guided by green principles for thirty years, yet it has only been the past fifteen that GREEN has become a buzz word.  (more…)

            Keep Calm and Carry On!

            My granddaughter, Samantha, set the theme for the evening!  Thanks to all who came out to the party and premiere screening of the doc.  It was a very fun event…lots of old friends, and some new ones too.  Photos are beginning to trickle in….here are a couple.  So many thanks to Michael Holliday for inviting all of us celebrate at his wonderful space.  The first of many art openings at Synergy, I expect!  And heaps of gratitude to Alini Productions for producing a beautiful documentary.  No password necessary to view online.  Head over to the “Press” tab, and click.  Just add popcorn or a glass of wine

            Before the Film

            Comment of the night

              the BOYZ series

              Flurry of activity in the studio!  Here is a preview of some new work.  From the BOYZ series, each piece has a complex surface.  Addition of wood from the beach (EDdy), corroded parts (RUSty), childhood jacks (JACKpot) makes for intriguing surfaces, and WHO are those boyz?  Six of the series will be on temporary exhibition at SYNERGY the night of the doc premiere.

                Inventing shadows Film Premiere

                The 25 minute documentary is done!
                If you would like to come to the premiere on February 8, please send me a note and I’ll post you an invitation. (more…)


                  Heads up all art collectors.  Two of my works have been stolen by a dealer…. I mean con artist… in Scottsdale Arizona.  Promises of returning my sold artwork has been going on for months.  Now he (Garry Smith) no longer has a gallery, email address is cancelled, phone disconnected.  If either of these pieces show up, please advise me.

                  The red piece, highWIRED, steel + copperwire & oil + encaustic    72” x 48”


                  and blue piece , aguazul, steel + copperwire & oil + encaustic   23” x 46”


                    On Fire!

                    I get many questions regarding the encaustic process I thought I would offer an explanation about one aspect of the use of wax as an art medium.  Most of the time people ask, “will it melt if the sun comes through the window on to the art?”  This is a completely reasonable inquiry so I offer a simple answer to that.

                    First a short introduction to encaustic:  The material/process has been around since the Egyptians painted on their sarcophagi. When I was in Egypt several years ago, one of my main interests was to see this wax surface firsthand.  There it was….fresh as the day it was painted.  Wax is a very stable medium.  When pigment is added to the wax, it fuses together and voila….a very permanent and stable surface.  That is unless it is gouged, melted, or otherwise mishandled.

                    Think of encaustic as something like our contemporary crayons…. brightly colored, transferable to another surface, and luminous.  However, if handled poorly it can be scratched, roughed up, and melted.  This brings us back to FIRE, and the question…”will it melt?”  Yes, it will melt.  That is exactly how I work my multilayered paintings*.  The molten wax is applied to the substrate and manipulated (gouged, scratched, scumbled, fused) until the painting is declared done!  However, it will NOT melt under normal circumstances.  Normal meaning inside our homes in an environment hospitable to people.  If an encaustic painting is hanging on the wall, and is melting…there are much larger issues to worry about, such as the house being on fire!  Even with the sun coming through a window, for those short hours, nothing will happen.  If left on the patio in the desert sun, yes, the surface will get very soft, but still would not roll off the canvas.  That takes about 150 degrees of heat.  All that said, it is not advisable to put ANY painted or multi-media work in an area where it gets direct sunlight. Pigments can be fugitive…..that means it can fade. This is why museums are not exposed to daylight coming through windows.  The best protection for your valuable investment in art is to avoid direct sunlight, and if you find it is melting, time to call the fire department!

                    * for a visual on the molten wax process, click on my video at the top of the page.

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