Archive (noun)

“a coherent whole characterized as a collection, sequence, or progression of values or
elements varying by minute degrees” Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
I have always worked in series…most artists do…it is a sort of “organizing
methodology”…a way of focusing on a concept and delving deeper in to the idea.
Sometimes works are “out-of-order” meaning they flow from nowhere (or so it seems)
and get inserted, chronologically, in to the middle of a series, but that is not the usual
case. If you look at a very early work –



and then look at a piece recently completed



you may not see the connection….it can seem like a giant leap from #1 to #690. But in
actuality, each piece informs the second, then the third, then the fourth…on down
along the continuum to today. There is a dialog from one piece to the next. Sometimes
I am not even aware of it, but when looking back in retrospect, it is all there to be
revealed….one step at a time….one foot in front of the other…down the creative path to
the future.

    Architecture 00′s

    A move to Santa Barbara CA in 1998 presented another opportunity to build a new studio. Architecture is a second love of mine. I always see it subtly revealing itself in my work. The start of the new millennium did not shake my world in to creating work that shattered my concepts……. I have continued today to create works that are using the same materials and the same concepts since the 1970’s. Each piece building on the one previous to develop my own personal language. Individual and original in approach, appearance, creation and to this day, revealing a continuum in the work spanning 35 years. The beat goes on.

      Films 90′s

      These years were very creative in the film industry. Many of my works were chosen to be in Hollywood productions.
      Shattered: 1991
      Unlawful Entry:1992
      The Man in the Moon: 1992
      Pulp Fiction: 1994

        LuxorLuna 80′s

        Egypt, in 1998 provided the light and expanse for the creation of LuxorLuna, which also shows experimentation in to bronze powders rubbed in to the surface of the encaustic.

          Giverny 90′s

          Travel has always played a huge part of my inspiration. An early 1992 pilgrimage to Monet’s studio/home/garden outside of Paris provided inspiration for the Giverny Series

            Metropolitan Home of the year

            In late 1989 I finished the construction of my large and wonderful Venice studio. It was an immediate hit with architects and art collectors. The huge studio presented the opportunity to work on a very large scale and I did several very large public space pieces that first year in the new space.

              Oaxaca Series: LaLuna 80′s

              In the late 80’s I was working with expanding materials. I had always admired encaustic painting and began working with this material in a very non-traditional manner. Using large-scale canvases hung on a vertical wall, I could take advantage of gravity and develop the paintings in a very organic and physical way.

                Venice 80′s

                In the mid 80’s I moved to Venice…center of the L.A. art world.

                  Legend Series 80′s

                  I began working exclusively by “weaving” steel grids with copper wire…sometimes adding other elements….sticks… metals…wood. To me the wires represented a natural drawn line and I used them as such. I began constructing large “drawings” of copper wire. I began the LEGEND SERIES… a series of very large works reducing all the materials to simply the steel and copper. My master’s thesis in 1984 was created around this concept.

                    Cement (Fenced) 70′s

                    a small work with copper wires/sticks/ embedded in concrete. 

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